• - AGH Educator's Laurel
    On 28th October 2020, a celebratory gala was held to announce the winners of the first edition of the ,,Educator's Laurel" competition. We are most pleased to announce that our colleague Monika Pilśniak received a honourable mention in the category of Tutor of Students Research Circle. The measure of her success is the fact, that there are 139 such research circles at AGH, and that the recommendations and the decision in the competition were made by the students themselves. Heartfelt congratulations! More info ...

  • - The winners of ,,The outstanding" competition from our Department
    (foto) (foto)
    Our two colleagues: Lech Adamus and Jakub Przybyło took the first two prizes in this year's edition of "The outstanding" competition. More info...

  • - Remote PhD thesis defence
    On 4th June 2020 took place the first in our Faculty (and probably not only the Faculty) public PhD thesis defence conducted remotely. More info...