• Characterising blenders via covering relations and cone conditions; with Bernd Krauskopf, Hinke M. Osinga and Piotr Zgliczyński (preprint), code
  • Breakdown of homoclinic orbits to L3: Nonvanishing of the Stokes constant; with Inmaculada Baldomá, Mar Giralt and Marcel Guardia (preprint), code
  • Oscillatory collision approach in the Earth-Moon restricted three body problem; with Aleksander Pasiut, (preprint), code



PhD Thesis


Current research projects

  • Invariant manifolds to collisions in the restricted three body problem, with Jason Mireles James and Shane Kepley.
  • Symbolic dynamics for state dependent delay differential equations, with Piotr Zgliczyński.
  • Arnold diffusion in the n-body problem, with Marian Gidea.

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